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We Are Atheilte Recruiting

Our team is filled with college consultants that help high school, junior college, and prep school players transition to the next level. We have done so successfully for over 5 years, and have been BLESSED to help over 150 student athletes attend college, trade/vocational programs and the various military services. 

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We Get Athletes Exposure 

Toward the end of athletes careers in high school or junior college, their families experience the challenges that sport recruiting brings. Often families and athletes discover that navigating through the college recruiting process is very stressful.

Even for those who have done their research on college recruiting, they’re left without answers and feeling uncertain about what to do next.

Athelite, completely understand the uncertainty that you’re facing. Our staff have experienced what the college recruiting process is made of-as coaches and athletes.  With our experience, recruiting knowledge, network, and recruiting methods, have helped hundreds of athletes throughout the United States.

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The Athelite Experience 

What makes us different is our approach to sport recruiting. Our approach addresses every step and phase of the sport recruiting process. Athelite Recruiting understands that every athlete recruiting process is different, but our athletes benefit from a systematic approach along with milestones that is set at the beginning of their recruiting process.

Setting Goals

It is important that understand and here the goals that your family set for your student athlete.

Academic Eligibility Planning

Academics is the most important part of every recruiting process. We’ll review the following: NCAA course requirements, your athlete GPA, transcripts, test scores.

Create Your Athelite Profile

Build your online profile that coaches and our network will see. This quickly get you exposure to the coaches that is in our in Athelite network.

Highlight Video

You will be able to easily be able to upload your sport highlight video to your profile or we can help you edit highlight videos for you to post.

Our Services

We will post your information across our social media platforms for coaches to view.
We will email up to ten (10) coaches at the athletic and academic level as determined by evaluation.
We will view your highlights and make a level determination based on the athletic skills and abilities displayed on that highlight film.
We will feature your profile on the website for member coaches to view.
We will create a plan with respect to your academic and athletic abilities and qualifications to get your information to coaches.
We will provide a list of schools that match your personalized promotion plan to target and explain the best way to target them.


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